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Our goal is to present your app or a game completely and vividly to boost the number of downloads and to increase your sales.
Preview and operation simulation by means of video capture is the simplest and the most accessible way to demonstrate the functions of either an app or a game. More information can be communicated by an offscreen voice, unlocking the app's potential to the utmost. We perform video capture by hardware preserving high quality without delays, flashing and other artifacts. The captured video will be built into the interface of a gadget you chose.


Runtime not more than 60 seconds
Logotype plain show in the beginning and in the end of the clip
License sound-track
Production date: 14 days
Cost: 990$

A gadget in holdfast
A video of interaction with the app. We can see a mobile device hold by a user while the offscreen voice is giving the needed commentaries emphasizing the key points. It's rather a cost-effective and spectacular way to show how your app does in actual conditions. The given approach can be called "a more humane" one due to the picture of the hands and the off-camera spokesman's voice. It is best at presenting updates of already existing apps as well as the apps where external interaction is involved. For example it would be a good choice to illustrate a recipe app, when some food and kitchen utensils could be placed in the background of the mobile gadget creating the specific atmosphere.


Runtime not more than 60 seconds
Logotype animated assembly in the beginning the clip and its plain show in the end
License sound-track
Production date: 14 days
Cost: 1390$

Showreels with actor participation
A good variant for an app or a game connected with the interaction of one, two or more persons offline via the app or the social game. It'll be efficient for social networks, photo services, location-based services. The advantages of video make it possible to actualize a story and dip the viewer into realistic conditions, convey emotions and show the mechanics of people's interactions in real life by means of the app.

The cost shall be defined upon the study of your goals and objectives.

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