How we create animated videos

Each video is peculiar, but there is a common pipeline for many.
Understanding your needs and getting to know you
We get to know you and your company over a cup of coffee, over Skype or over the phone to understand what you are looking for, and your goals and expectations
Is this the first video in your company, and you don't know anything about it? Discuss this with us and we will help you determine the best way to showcase your project, company, or product and guide you through the entire video production process.

Script writing

The script is the basis of the video, it's almost a video. Our copywriter will work with you to understand the key messages you want to include in the script and find the most engaging and compelling way to tell your story. We will work through all the problematic situations even if you think that there are no such situations, note all the competitive advantages and will look at you through the eyes of your customers for a long time to make a really working product.

Selection of visual solutions

Our creative team, as part of an internal brainstorming session, determines several style options based on your preferences and brand book. Despite our taste and professionalism, you still have the last word.

Illustrations and storyboards

We will create the storyboard based on the approved script to show you our visual idea for each scene in the video. As soon as the storyboard is approved, we will draw the illustrations for the animation in accordance with the previously approved style


We will record the voice-over before the animation stage. In our database, which we have painstakingly collected all this time, more than 2,000 speakers from all over the world. The database contains various dialects, intonations, timbres, from the brutal male voice to the girl's childish one. This may be Federal-level announcers, theater and film actors voices known to everyone. We will make a selection for your project so that you will not have to drown in our database.


This is the most important and time-consuming stage. Here, we will bring the script, characters, and storyboard to life. We will animate every object, character, and element in the approved storyboard, while simultaneously syncing the animation based on voice-over recording. Quality control is important to us. We spend extra time carefully working through the details and transitions in the animation to make sure that the preview version meets the expected standard.

Music and
sound effects

The animation will not be completed without adding a background music track. We will provide you with a selection of suitable tracks to choose from. And if you choose a sound design, we will add sound effects to the entire animation as final touches.


Once you have viewed the preview version, feel free to share your feedback. We will apply the changes as requested. Once you have approved the animation, we will purchase a track with background music of your choice and prepare the final video before sending it.