How to clarify your Whitepaper to the investors which is interesting but is not understanding it
The main document of any ICO is Whitepapers. This is a document that explains in details the idea of the project. In whitepapers is written and explained to the people how this idea will be implemented, how it will be done.
The aim of any Whitepapers is to convince the investors that the team of project is able to realise all the ideas, they have an sufficient experience and knowledge to do this. Therefore, it is important to carefully describe the team in Whitepapers and its experience in the realization of such projects. Investors should understand that the team members with their skills and knowledge are able to implement the stated ideas of the project according the roadmap specified in Whitepapers. Therefore, the description of the team is usually done at the end of Whitepapers. This is one of the most important points which the investors pay the attention to.
Just over a month later, on February 24, 1831, the expedition sighted bare mountain tops through the ocean ice. Biscoe correctly surmised that they were part of a continent and named the area Enderby Land in honour of his patrons. On February 28, a headland was spotted, which Biscoe named Cape Ann; the mountain atop the headland would later be named Mount Biscoe.

Biscoe kept the expedition in the area while he began to chart the coastline, but after a month his and his crews' health were deteriorating. The expedition set sail toward Australia, reaching Hobart, Tasmania in May, but not before two crew members had died from scurvy.
Market review
It is not enough to convince the infesters that the team is able to realize their ideas. First of all, you need to convince them that the idea by itself is very important, that it brings profit and it is useful to society. The idea should be in demand, investors should understand that many people need the project. To do this, it is necessary to analyze the industry, identify existing problems and show how the project will be in demand in the future. To do these it is better to use the numbers, calculations, comparisons. For better understanding of the size of market and the need for the product, it is better to use the graphs, tables, charts. The market can be huge, but it can have tens or hundreds of competitors. It is necessary to inform about the competitors and explain to investors how the project will be differ from the competitors.
Intro and summary
The main ideas of the project and why it is needed should be described in the introduction, so the investors immediately understand what projects they are dealing with. In conclusion, it is necessary to summary all the information. It is necessary to explain to investors in details why it is profitable for them to buy ICO tokens and what such a purchase will give them. Also in Whitepapers should be described in detail the ICO by itself, all its stages, as well as the discounts that will be present at different stages of the ICO. It is necessary to explain to investors how the tokens will be distributed and how the collected funds will be used.

In conclusion, we would like to note that Whitepapers is a document that is prepared for ordinary investors without the special education. Therefore, all complex terms, calculations and conclusions should be explained by simple language and be understandable to people without the professional education. For this purpose usually uses the drawings, graphs, charts.
Visualization is very important for any project. On the website of ICO investors first of all watch the video to understand the project better and only after that people begin to study the project and Whitepapers. The Whitepapers the investors start to learn viewing the graphs, tables, roadmaps, teams, that is, with the viewing of images and diagrams and only after that they start to read. Video is the main condition for any website. It helps to understand the idea of the project better and more accessible. But if people are interested in the video, he begins to study the site and whitepapers.