What should be the video of ICO to attract the attention of investors
The research showed that investors first of all pay attention to the videos and watch them. The video is a great opportunity to save time for investors. Thanks to the video, in a few minutes the investors can learn about the main ideas of the project and understand if it is necessary the further studying of the ICO in details. Video is the main presentation of the project. It must be.
But now there are hundreds of different ICOs and most of them have their own video. How to make people to pay attention to the video and watch it to the end. And don't just watch. The video must intrigue the investors and they would like to study the project in more detail.
To do this, there are several methods by which ICO can attract the attention of investors. Most of these techniques are taken from the classical advertising and marketing.
How to make that the Whitepapers will interest the investors and people buy the tokens of ICO.
The main document of any ICO is Whitepapers. This is a document that explains in details the idea of the project. In whitepapers is written and explained to the people how this idea will be implemented, how it will be done.
Here are some of them:
The video should be simple,brief, informative and understandable. The main idea of the project the video should be able to present and tell in a few simple words. Everybody must understand it.
The rule of 7
Seven words in a sentence, 7 sentences in a paragraph, 7 paragraphs in the text, 7 enumerations in the list. The main idea of the video can be expressed by 7 words. All above the 7 words it is hard to people to remember. They get confused, forget, and lose the interest to the subject. ICO can have 100 advantages, but in the video it is enough to specify only 7 of them. The brightest and main ones.

Emotional intelligence
Video should affect to the investors' emotions and feelings. Scientists have proven that emotional advertising, which affects to the feeling of people, 20% more effective than the one that simply informs about goods.
Negative emotions affect to a person more than a positive one
All rating programs and agencies know about it. The highest ratings have the criminal news, children are able to play shooting games for days, and disaster firms collect the largest budgets. This rule is widely used in the video of ICO. To rise the attention to the video, it is necessary to focus on the problem, and then to suggest the solution. Exchanges are hacked, money are stolen, accounts are blocked, the cryptocurrency is dropping, the hackers become unpunished. There are a lot of problems and they cause the constant interest of users.


Style of the video Cartoon Vs Video
What style to use in the video, whether it will be a cartoon or video, everyone chooses for themselves. Statistics show that 55% of videos use video style. Marketers annually examine the most popular videos. Based on them, they create an idea of the ideal video, how it should be. Thus, the fashion of video is formed till new researches.
Landscapes Vs People
The most popular video image are landscapes (17%) and people (15%). All these researches are extremely subjective as it is not clear how they were done. In addition, in one video can be landscapes and people.
The most important thing is that the pictures in the video should be unique. Video must contain the image of the logo of ICO and use the corporate colours.
Investors are extremely sensitive to plagiarism. Try to avoid images that were used by somebody somewhere else early. Use the unique landscapes, images that have never become used before.
45% of videos are hand-drawn cartoons. The drawing should be a unique and attract attention. Since childhood, people watch the cartoons, and continue to watch them in the adulthood. Therefore, the popularity of cartoons is always high, though it less than the standard video has.

These simple tips will help to make the video more attractive and rise the investors ' attention to the ideas of ICO.

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с помощью видео
In just a few minutes, a good video can reflect the key points of your ICO white pages to help you showcase your ideas. With the help of infographics and other designs, your project will be easily understandable and accessible.

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