Stages, Terms and Costs
How we work
We make a free scenario for you, then if you approve it you pay 50% of its cost, and we start working further
(2-4 days)
Based on this scenario we draw all necessary elements, personages, interior and exterior environment, show you the mechanics and write a voice-over text (2-7 days)
Then our top-rank experts start making animation, sound effects, and selecting music
(timelines depend on the runtime)
We demonstrate you a ready video and make adjustments. You pay the rest of the cost and receive the product without protection signs
Cost of the animation, infographics for white paper and other

2D animation. This is what we are good at. You may examine our portfolio and understand what we are talking about. The cost already includes both photoscript and a minimal set of adjustments. If you need something beyond the above, we better discuss it separately. If you have further questions, we are at your disposal.
$3258 min
$54.3 sec
Offscreen voice
Your clients speak different languages. Use an option of
localization, getting some extra versions of the video in
different languages, with different captions and voiced
however needed.
$320 min
$5,3 sec
Products for mobile apps

Review for App Store and Google Play on the base
of screencast
With the advent of IOS8 and App Store there has appeared
an opportunity to show the features, functionality and user
interface of any app in action concisely, individually and
demonstrably with the help of video clips up to 30 seconds in duration. We perform video capture by hardware preserving high quality without delays, flashing and other artifacts.
- Brief video review embedded in App store has become the same criterion for users'choice as favorable reports
- Video is displayed first on the app's page in App Store
- There is such an immense number of apps that it'll take ages to download and try all of them, so only the best are chosen
- Video provides for the fastest way to estimate your app initially
- A screencast is much more attractive and informatory than any screenshotBrief review for App Store and Google Play on the base of screencast
$28 sec
A gadget
in holdfast
A video of interaction with the app. We can see a mobile device hold by a user while the offscreen voice is giving the needed commentaries emphasizing the key points. It's
rather a cost-effective and spectacular way to show how your app does in actual conditions. The given approach can be called "a more humane" one due to the picture of the hands and the off-camera spokesman's voice. It is best
at presenting updates of already existing apps as well as the apps where external interaction is involved. For example it would be a good choice to illustrate a recipe app, when some food and kitchen utensils could be placed in the
background of the mobile gadget creating the specific atmosphere.
Runtime not more than 60 seconds
Logotype animated assembly
in the beginning the clip and its
plain show in the end
License sound-track
Production date: 14 days

$3258 min
$54.3 sec
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