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Smartlink platform

Shopping online is a fast and easy way to buy what you need. It's also a great way to support small and independent businesses. But those smaller ones don't always have enough trust among clients and many doubts appear. What if it's a fraud and I won't receive my order after purchasing? What if I won't be able to return the item if it's not what I expected? There is a solution now - Smartlink! You can safely buy, sell or swap goods and services using Smartlink.

About the client

Smartlink is a platform built for a world in need of a safe, efficient, innovative space for everyone to buy, sell, and swap goods and services without the risk of losing money to online scams and fraud.

Smartlink was born of a lack of secure online escrow solutions for on-demand needs around the world.

Buy high-value items from the other side of the globe. Fine jewellery, art, boats, and cars can be bought sight unseen with zero risk. Social media accounts are sold without the risk of identity theft. Freelancers are offering gigs without the hassles of wondering whether they'll get paid for the work they do.
How does it work?

After a client processes a payment it's transferred to a decentralized "safe" where it's stored until the client accepts a delivery. Only then a seller gets the payment in whatever currency (including crypto) they prefer.
The goal
The goal is not just explain the platform in simple words, but also show the escrow system in an engaging and informative way. It should help customers see the whole process of purchasing from their own perspective.
How to tackle?
It's crucial here to use those objects and items that are familiar to the audience. And also because all transactions are made in the digital space, it's important to visualize it and make the process material.

Also, it should be shown clear that Smartlink is a decentralized system that has nothing to do with "old school" bank system.

And of course, the platform should be displayed as a unique and the only one of its kind, because there are a lot of similar ones on the market, but none of them are the same as Smartlink. That's why the explainer should be the one of its kind too and be different from all those we see on the Internet.
Creative process

Even though the crypto world is getting more popular nowadays, there are still some who are having doubts about using it. Trying new things is always scary and that's totally okay. We understand that and did our best to explain there is the crypto platform out there that is safe, simple and user-friendly.

As already mentioned one of the solutions is to use familiar items. For example, a safe where the payment is stored, it symbolizes safety. People have associations like security and reliability with it. Another one item is a delivery box, every single one of us has had a delivery at some point of our lives.
During the creative process we had to change marketplace items a few times. The aim was to display high-value pieces like jewellery, art, social media accounts and more. It highlights that even expensive things can be easily bought through Smartlink, and it won't a scam.


The client came to us with an already developed cool website with 3D style and brand colours ( But we together decided to try something different for the explainer and our client had chosen a unique and modern style. But to keep it somehow connected to the website we applied a few tricks while illustrating and animating - more shadows, isometrics, and strokes.
To be honest, it rarely happens that a client is willing to use extraordinary and non-standard elements. For example, characters with purple hair and abstract body shapes. We've noticed the majority of clients who come to us would like to see realistic, natural colours and shapes. But in this particular projects we had a green light from our client and experimented a bit. It always makes us happy and excited to challenge ourselves.
We still tried to maintain the brand colours throughout the video. The basis for it was the Smartlink logo. It turned out to be a perfect match for the chosen style. We're always to incorporate brand colours and styles into a video when a client does have those, if not we're happy to help decide on colour schemes.
Andrew Loomis, illustrator and a teacher at the Chicago Art Institute
«The greatest mistake in colour, and one that causes lack of unity and harmony, is having too many colours on the palette».

One of the keys to a good-looking illustration is the right colour application. There are actually plenty of rules in this field. The main we followed here is do not overdo. Because all objects and characters are made in bright colours the background should be plain, neutral and not distract from the action and characters. This is why the action is happening in a light grey setting. The client hesitated at first, but to prove our point, we provided few various examples of different more colourful backgrounds. And it took all the doubts away.
The platform can be accessed from anywher

There are billions of users on the Internet. How can we demonstrate this diversity? ? We took several characters, created avatars for them, added some movements and interactions between those characters.
The platform is based on the Tezos blockchain

The platform is the only of its kind, first created on the Tezos blockchain. It's convenient and safe for users from all countries. One click, and you have a token in your pocket.

Tezos (XTZ) is a blockchain network linked to a digital token, which is called a tez or a tezzie. Tezos is not based on the mining of tez. Instead, token holders receive a reward for taking part in the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.
Smartlink allows you to safely buy, sell and swap goods without fear of losing money.

We showed the exchange process from both sides: the seller and the buyer, resolving their main fears and pains. The buyer has a safe delivery without losing money, and the seller has a chance to decide on the currency.
On the marketplace, you can either sell or buy goods

You just need to describe your product, choose a cryptocurrency and conditions. The product card looks like a standard card in an online store.

At the end we've got a finished explainer with bright colours, unusual characters and style, and a clear application interface.

Plus one case we are proud of. Now it's time to continue doing what we are passionate about!