Within the last year we created over a hundred JSON animations and open for more.

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Attractive and effective content is the goal
In-app animation
We'll create all kinds of animation for your apps. The best ways to use them are described here.
Filter apps animation
We'll take care of animation stories for filter apps.
Character animation
Now more often developers use characters instead of simple icons. We'll help you make them alive.
Custom solutions
Json and Bodymovin put some restrictions on us as creators, but at the same time it gives you a lot of opportunities to incorporate beautiful animation into your app.
Understanding all details is crucial for us. What is the purpose behind the animation, are there any restrictions in terms of color, style or visuals? It would be great if at that stage you have some ideas or references about the final result.
Script writing
We develop a proper script for the animation, even though it may consist only of a few scenes.
We don't use stock materials, all the artwork is done by our creatives. It allows us to optimize the end file, avoiding extra layers and curves.
Nothing new here. We use the same software, a combination of After Effects and Bodymovin. Our team applies the cartoon making experience that not many providers have.
Lottie files are a great tool only when they take up a little space. Starting from the brief we optimize the process to reduce the file size.
No need to search more
Here are two reasons why we are the best fit
We create cartoons
Our main specialization is cartoon animation. You can find examples on the main page of our website.
Our work
Our rich experience
There are not many designers who create Lottie files. We, however, make over a hundred Lottie files every year. There is a whole team working on Lottie and applying tools, skills and knowledge we all collected over the years.

Because we constantly work with developers and IT we are familiar with the latest restrictions in those fields.