2D animated video ArtMind

2d animation
animated video explainer
Art MInd Technoligies
ArtMind is a modern interior design application that allows users to design rooms, select materials and furniture, and create detailed 3D models. With ArtMind, users can bring their design ideas to life before making any actual changes to the physical space.

Our animation studio was tasked with creating an explainer promotional video showcasing the key features and benefits of the ArtMind application. Our goal was to create an engaging, informative, and visually appealing presentation that not only presented the capabilities of ArtMind but also inspired users to embark on their own creative experiments.

After close collaboration with the ArtMind team and thorough examination of the product, we developed a dynamic and visually captivating animated video. This video was successfully utilized in the ArtMind marketing campaign, contributing to increased app downloads and attracting new users.

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