A 2D animated video for the Gatnet service

animated infographic
2d animation
With T+2 settlement, it takes the shares 2 days to get into one's name. This system is expensive, slow and has high fail rates. Big market moves can result in clearing houses asking for more capital from the broke, often at short notice. This can lead to the broker halting trading, which can result in no buying or selling orders! There is a solution for this, digital securities, settling T Instant!
When T Instant decided to create an animated video about their services, we pondered on how to showcase all the processes in a clear and accessible language for users. We opted for 2D animation and infographics. To explain the complex in a simple way, we chose the theme of air travel.

Do you know how many services, people, and responsibilities are involved in your last flight? Just as many or even more are involved in financial instruments, such as when you purchase stocks. The promotional video with this comparison helped explain the principles of Gatnet's operation.


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