3D Animation

The popularity of 3D animation is growing every year, as this technology makes graphics objects and characters more realistic and impressive. Today, 3D animation is widely used in commercial sectors such as business and branding, as well as in education, science, urban planning, and many other areas of modern life. Thanks to 3D animation, we can visualize processes that are hidden from the naked eye or the lens of a camera, such as the functioning of internal organs in the human body or complex technical equipment.

3D Animation is an opportunity to visually demonstrate the most complex concepts and make familiar formats more interesting and engaging for the audience. With this technology, we create both technical videos and animated videos featuring well-known characters, such as the project with popular minions for the "Chupa-Chups" company, and we also find effective solutions for other tasks. Throughout our animation studio's history, we have created over 300 intricate 3D models of technological equipment for animated presentations, as well as approximately 50 appealing 3D characters for various narratives.
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